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All Cascade Strategy brands and Branding Material, including trademarks, logos, designs, websites, social media assets, videos, marketing collateral, white papers, etc., are important assets of the company and are protected by various intellectual property laws in Australia, the U.S., and worldwide. Cascade Strategy protects its own intellectual property and it respects the intellectual property rights of others. Cascade Strategy expects its partners to do the same. These guidelines have been developed to assist partners in: (1) building their own strong brands and materials, and (2) avoiding costly rebranding and/or infringement issues. Cascade Strategy strongly encourages all partners to carefully review this document and the terms and conditions of their agreements with Cascade Strategy prior to developing brands or Branding Material, including those for online use or use in print.

Creating success together.

As a Cascade Strategy partner, you must comply with our Cascade Partner Branding Guidelines and all applicable intellectual property laws in your use of brands, logos, domain names, and creative assets. The Cascade Strategy Partner Branding Guidelines are subject to change. Partners are responsible for ensuring all branding and related marketing materials, press releases, and online assets and communications (“Branding Material”) are consistent with current Legal Policies.

Cascade Strategy may require partners to change and/or remove any Branding Material it deems to violate the Partner Branding Guidelines. While we do not like to, we can force partners to change corporate and/ or product name(s), domain names, social media assets, signage, printed promotional materials, partner website copy or logos, product descriptions, demos, booth design, messaging, and other materials. Costs for rebranding or new material to comply with Cascade Strategy branding guidelines shall be the sole responsibility of the partner and/ or sponsor. Failure to change and/ or remove Branding Material when directed by Cascade Strategy may affect your standing as a partner.

Copyright and IP

Copyrights are exclusive rights to original works, including certain original written material, pictorial, photographic and graphical work, audio-visual work, and certain computer programs and code. The owner of a copyright has the right to exclude all others from reproducing, displaying, distributing, creating derivative works, performing, or otherwise using the original work.

Copyrights owned by Cascade Strategy include its logos, website designs and content, videos and other promotional materials, and its proprietary code. With very limited exceptions, partners may not use any copyright asset owned by Cascade Strategy without written authorization.

How to refer to Cascade Strategy?

Context is key. When referring to Cascade Strategy, the context of the reference determines the correct articulation.

Responsis Pty Ltd
Use this when referring to Cascade Strategy as an entity in a legal line (for legal documents, etc.).
For example: Responsis Pty Ltd, trading as Cascade Strategy Strategy

Cascade Strategy
Use this when referring to Cascade Strategy as an entity in prose.
For example: “We’ve partnered with Cascade Strategy for the past four years...”

Acceptable company & product names

Ensure your brands, names, domains, and social media assets distinct from those that belong to Cascade Strategy (examples below):

  • Alpha Strategy
  • Alpha Inc
  • Alpha Strategy Solutions

Do not use any Cascade Strategy brands or names in your company or product names, taglines, social media handles, advertising keywords, or any other branding or source-identifying materials.
Examples of names to avoid:

  • Cascade Alpha Strategy
  • Alpha Cascade Solutions
  • Alpha Cascade Strategy

Distinction maintained between brands

Ensure you create company and product names that are distinct from Cascade Strategy to eliminate brand confusion.

Do not modify, imitate, or abbreviate any Cascade Strategy brands or names anywhere. This includes misspellings, phonetic or foreign equivalents, rhyming words, stylizations, logos, or other variations. Fo example, names to avoid:Examples of names to avoid:

  • Cascade Strategy Tool

How to indicate you offer Cascade Strategy?

Indicate in marketing materials that your offerings include Cascade Strategy by using smaller text in a plain font. Emphasize your brand, not Cascade Strategy. Use the phrase “powered by Cascade Strategy” or the like, but only do so referentially... For example:

Alpha Strategy
Powered by Cascade Strategy

Keep your logos distinct from the Cascade brand

Create your own, unique, non-Cascade Strategy company logos that only promote your brand and products independent of your company’s relationship with Cascade Strategy.

Things to avoid.

  • Use logos or designs that incorporate Cascade Strategy design elements, such as the Cascade Strategy icon in the logo.
  • Do not use Cascade Strategy brands or product names in any logos created by your company.
  • Do not Insert your company name or product into an existing Cascade Strategy logo or cloud.
  • Do not create your own Cascade Strategy logos or designs. Create logos or marks confusingly similar to Cascade Strategy’s.

How can Cascade Strategy and customers be referenced?

Get permission from your customers or third parties before using their logos, names, or quotes.

If you want to use Cascade Strategy’s case studies, you can do so on a ‘as-is’ basis.

Things to avoid.

  • Do not list customer or third party logos, names, or quotes without written permission.
  • Use pictures of Cascade Strategy team members without permission.

How to use & reference Cascade Strategy’s creative assets.

Create your own original videos and presentations for online and in-person use.

Link to Cascade Strategy’s videos and other creative assets.

Do not embed or copy Cascade Strategy videos, images, audio clips, or other creative content without permission.

Do not use clips or images from Cascade Strategy videos in your own videos or marketing materials without written permission from Cascade Strategy legal. Otherwise, you may be liable for your use of that video to multiple parties.

Which Cascade Strategy logo should be used?

Use partner-approved badges that accurately identify programs your company is currently enrolled in.

Download partner approved logos/badges.

Managing search campaigns (Google ads, Facebook etc).

You are more than welcome to bid on broad ‘strategy’ keywords in general and bid locally where you are certain you can service the customer.

Do not bid on “Cascade Strategy” in broad, phrase or exact match without receiving permission first.

How should names be created for social media?

Create social media handles, tags, or the like that properly identify your company and its brands only. For example:

  • @alphastrategy
  • #alphastrategy

Do not create social media handles, tags, or the like that include Cascade Strategy brand, abbreviations of the brands, or anything confusingly similar. For example:

  • @alphastrategy_cascade
  • #alphacascadestrategy

How should domain names and keywords be handled?

Create domain names that properly identify your company and its brands only. Use advertising keywords and ad copy that are associated with and promote your company or industry. For example:


Do not create domain names that include Cascade Strategy brand or abbreviations of those brands, or anything confusingly similar to Cascade Strategy.

Do not use advertising keywords or ad copy that incorporate Cascade Strategy brand name without written permission. For example:


Brand assets.

We are here to help you succeed. Reach out to your contact in cascade for timely advice and friendly assistance with whatever you need to get you moving again.

Brand Assets & Guidelines