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Session 1: Introduction / Our Approach (1 hour)

  • Introduce the process to get certified
  • Cascade at a high level (where we fit in the market)
  • Who we typically sell to (personas)
  • How we identify value for our clients and bring that into the implementation
  • Why we provide certain sessions and what they are
  • Learnings from 1,000+ clients

Session 2: Initial Training (2 hours)

  • Walkthrough of the platform, going through all of the features of the software
  • Beginning to end creation and execution of a strategy in Cascade
  • Introduce and explain the homework


  • Your team will build an instance together using sample data
  • Your team will make a round of updates and reports within Cascade
  • Cascade will review the instance

Session 3: In-depth Training (2 hours)

  • Review the homework together
  • Q&A about the homework
  • In-depth training of advanced features/settings of Cascade
  • Set expectations and date for exam

Final Exam

  • Exercise - take a real life strategic plan and create its strategic model in Cascade
  • Build - build 3 given scenarios in Cascade (report, update template, tracking type, etc...)
  • Questions - answer some of the most common questions that we receive from our clients

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