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Linking Corporate Values to Objectives

by Brandon Bett, on Jul 26, 2019 2:44:35 PM

The best strategic plans we work with always have a solid set of company values that represent how culture plays a role in defining the organization, but it's not always clear how to make those values actually cascade down through the strategy.

Here's how to discretely link your values to what your people are actually doing to push your strategy forward:

HubSpot Video

Values can be linked using a custom field on templates for any layer of your plan (Admin > Templates), and it can be put together in under one minute. Simply add a drop-down list attribute and enter your list of Values:

Configure templates and attributes

This is just one small example of what is possible using our new Strategy Model, a fully comprehensive tool designed to completely customize Cascade to match your strategy's structure and reporting requirements. With this new field, we can use Customize Display on the plan page to observe the strategic plan in a new way:

Group by: Value Alignment

value alignment 

Color by: Value Alignment

strategy plan

An engaging set of values helps to set the tone for successful execution of a strategy. Don't underestimate the impact of creating engagement with company values that truly represent your people! Creating a link like this helps to reaffirm those values throughout the duration of a strategic plan.

Here's a list of some excellent values we've seen over the years - feel free to use them! Whatever your company values are, use the Strategy Model to stretch their "value" as much as possible. Even Snapshot reports can help emphasize how they are impacting progress on the strategy:

snapshot report screenshot


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