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Welcome to Cascade Tips & Tricks

by Brandon Bett, on Sep 19, 2020 9:26:46 AM

We've worked with thousands of plans across industries and the globe, and we managed to pack all of our best practices into this quick article. Enjoy! The building happens on …

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Topics:Performance ManagementStrategy Planning

by Cascade Team, on Jun 19, 2020 5:26:41 PM

We've got a new feature on the way! Introducing our newest feature to get your strategy into shape & help you start implementing with confidence: The Learn & Build Center! …

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by Cascade Team, on Oct 31, 2019 5:09:08 PM

We've just released our new Sidebar and it is going to save you so much time when it comes to updating and making quick edits to your Goals! The Sidebar …

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by Cascade Team, on Aug 23, 2019 5:33:09 PM

Dashboards are about to come to life with our game-changing new generation of Widgets. We're excited to introduce you to the new Table Widget, our most customizable Dashboard feature ever! …

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by Brandon Bett, on Jul 26, 2019 4:17:13 PM

Looking to learn all the best practices for Plan, Manage, and Track features in Cascade? Check out our new Switch to Demo: On the Customer Success team, we've often found …

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by Brandon Bett, on Jul 26, 2019 3:16:07 PM

This is so fundamental, but it comes up often! The whole purpose of Cascade is to be able to simply consolidate and track your strategic plan and making sure the …

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by Brandon Bett, on Jul 26, 2019 2:44:35 PM

The best strategic plans we work with always have a solid set of company values that represent how culture plays a role in defining the organization, but it's not always …

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Cascade Tips & Tricks

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